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Chicken teriyaki, fried gyoza, salad and rice

Today’s Special Plate

12oz Rib eye grilled beef with teriyaki sauce and sesame seed

Beef Teriyaki Entree

Panko deep fried seafood with tartar sauce

Fried Seafood Mix

Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce and sesame seed

Salmon Teriyaki Entree

Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce and sesame seed

Chicken Teriyaki Breast,Thigh

Light battered chicken, tempura mushroom, served w/ Garlic mayo, tempura sauce, salad

Garlic Chicken Breast

Grilled salmon with salt

Broiled Salmon

Grilled mackerel with salt

Broiled Saba (Mackerel)

Tempura deep fried shrimp and vegetable

Tempura Meal

Stir fried pork with onion and ginger sauce

Pork Ginger

Deep panko fried shrimps and served with tartar sauce

Fried Shrimp

Tilapia fillet, deep fried, served with salad, tartar sauce

Deep Fried Tilapia Fillet

Deep panko fried chicken served with katsu sauce

Chicken Katsu Entree

Deep panko fried pork cutlet and served with katsu sauce

Ton Katsu (Pork Katsu)

Tuna, salmon, yellow tail, crab, fish eggs with Korean Chojang sauce over a bed of spring mix, and rice

Summer Salad

Deep fried light battered chicken, served with tempura sauce

Tempura Chicken

Deep fried flour chicken with teriyaki sauce & sesame seed

Sesame Chicken Breast,Thigh

Chicken teriyaki, 4 pc Cal roll, tempura, salad

Kid’s Menu



choice of Tempura or California Roll

Beef Teriyaki Combination


Chicken Teriyaki Combination

Grilled eel over rice

Unagi Don

Deep fried pork cutlet, cooked with egg, onion and sauce over rice

Katsu Don Pork


Sesame Chicken Combination

Salmon Teriyaki Combination

Salmon Teriyaki Combination

Deep fried chicken, cooked with egg, onion and sauce over rice

Chicken Katsu Don

White onion and beef over rice with green onion

Beef Bowl


Chicken Katsu Combination


Tempura Udon

Tempura Udon

Pork Udon

Pork Udon

Buck wheat soba, tempura (2 shrimp + 5 vegetable), seaweed salad, tempura powder, green onion

Soba Appetizer


                     Choose any two different favorite items, served with 4 pc California roll


Tempura (2 pc Shrimp and 5 pc Vegetable)

Teriyaki   (Beef, Chicken or Salmon)

Fried Shrimp (4 pc)

Katsu (Chicken or Pork)

Sesame Chicken (Thigh)

Broiled (Saba or Salmon with salt)

Teriyaki Chicken + Chicken Katsu

Teriyaki Chicken + Chicken Katsu

Beef Teriyaki + Pork Katsu

Beef Teriyaki + Pork Katsu

Teriyaki (Beef, Chicken or Salmon)

Salmon Teriyaki + Tempura

Tempura (2 pc Shrimp and 5 pc Vegetable)

Tempura + Fried Shrimp

Katsu (Chicken or Pork)

Pork Katsu + Broiled Salmon